Here’s what our members are saying:

Gluten-Free Winter Soups Cooking Class with Andrea Potter

“This class was so informative, even with having over 10 allergies I didn’t have to substitute or avoid any of the recipes or soups! It was great to meet with other people who have similar struggles, I got tips for new restaurants & products to try. Thanks so much!” Lara, Vancouver

Gluten-Free RAW Desserts Class with Cara Roth

“I was really skeptical about raw food and didn’t know what to expect. When Cara started the class she said: ‘If you teach people about Raw Food, you’ll start with the desserts. That’s the way you get them.’ And she was absolutely right. Her desserts were delicious and I think about eating raw food in another way now.” Stine, Vancouver

“I found last night’s Raw Desserts Class with Cara Roth to be really inspirational. I think that living with Celiac or other dietary restrictions, it’s possible to feel like there are no food options available. This was an extremely interesting, fun, and delicious evening that opened a lot of horizons! I can hardly contain my enthusiasm, and have made a completely successful batch of brownies on my own already. Thank you, Cara, and thank you, Crystal and the Living GF Community for a great event.” Kelly, Vancouver

“I had such a great time! Everyone was friendly and informative. It was a great opportunity to learn about great stores and products, not to mention the really great dessert recipes that are good for you!” Roxanna, North Vancouver

“I just made the one bite brownies, and everyone loves them, they were quite shocked to find out they were raw and no bad stuff in them. I am looking forward to trying out more of the recipes we worked on that night. I also am very happy to be able to make great tasting treats for my kids and not have to gamble their health on it. Thank you so much for organizing this evening, I look forward to more of those!” Anne-Marie, North Vancouver

“The raw food class was amazing and totally inspirational. I would really like to take the next step and create ‘real’ raw food dishes and not just salads! I’m looking forward to making the one bite brownies – they were decadent!!! I’m definitely going to try to attend more of Cara’s classes, it was a lot of fun. People shouldn’t be afraid of raw food – the coconut creme pie was the best pie I’ve ever had!!! Keep an open mind and your mouth and belly will be thanking you!” Laura, Richmond

“I really enjoyed the class. I was very happy that I tried the class out and surprised to find out about gluten free raw desserts. Although I am not allergic I love studying nutrition and wellness for personal gains and to share with family and friends as well. It was very educational and Cara was great. She knew how to put on a good presentation and she knew the topic well. Thank you for putting together a great event!” Rosanne, Surrey

“Thanks for an amazing workshop! I truly enjoyed it. It was my first time taking a raw desserts class! My favorite has to be the brownies. I went shopping for ingredients the very next day, and made them. They turned out so good! I’m all for raw food now, it’s great and I love learning about it.” Grace, Langley