Choosing Health! How you can choose to be happier and healthier right now!

Tuesday January 12, 2010

Join Crystal Di Domizio, registered holistic nutritionist, and featured speaker Cliff Harvey, author, mentor and natural & complementary therapist, as we explore how you can live a happier, healthier gluten-free life.

Being diagnosed with a chronic and incurable ‘condition’ can feel like a life sentence…

But it need not be…

Living gluten free is a powerful choice and an essential step in regaining your health. Removing those things that harm and applying foods that nourish us sustains our health on a physical/chemical level.

BUT we also ‘feed’ our bodies through the beliefs that we have and the thoughts we create, and this too plays an important role in our health and our ability to deal with our existing health conditions, and avoid others. We now know through the emerging realms of study in mind-body medicine that our mental, emotional and physical health is inseparably entwined. To be healthy is a choice, and we can choose to be healthier, happier, more effective and LESS AFFECTED by our conditions!

‘Choosing Health’ takes you on a journey of empowerment, self belief and personal responsibility to show how you can improve your health, live happier and achieve the life you have always wanted to live. Through research, personal reflections and anecdotes Cliff examines why we make the choices that we do and how to recognize when those choices are pushing us away from achieving our goals. He further examines dreams and goals and provides exercises for cultivating mindfulness and awareness and effective strategies for goal setting and goal achievement.

Gluten-free snacks and beverages will be provided.

About Cliff Harvey:

Cliff Harvey is the author of the sleeper hit “Choosing You – How you can choose to live the life of your dreams…right now!” He has been featured in magazines and on television and radio around the globe as a health and wellness and performance expert.

Cliff lives with the condition Crohn’s Disease and has helped many people with this condition and others to live better, happier, healthier lives.

Cliff received his training in naturopathic medicine in New Zealand and has additional certifications in; homeobotanical therapies, natural and complementary therapies, Reiki, Psych-K®, nutrition and strength and fitness training.

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
101-2245 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6K 2E4

$20 in advance

Please note that pre-registration is required as seating is limited.

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  1. Please register me for this workshop/seminar. Thank you!

  2. This topic is a special interest of mine. I am unable to attend tonight, but if there should be another event planned in the future on the same topic I would like to be there.

    Christine Macadam RHN

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