Sun Dried Tomato Pasta

This is a very simple and fast weeknight dinner that makes delicious leftovers for lunch the next day. The combination of the sweet sun dried tomatoes with the bitter arugula is mouth-watering. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s my favourite dish at the moment, although if you ask my husband everything we eat is my “favourite” and maybe he’s right … I slow down and take the time to enjoy every bite of all our meals making them that much more enjoyable.

When I learned that I’d be gluten-free for the rest of my life I mourned the loss of pasta which I had grown up eating almost daily with my Italian family. I truly believed that nothing could ever replace the delicious, glutenous substance that is now my poison. I tried rice pasta after rice pasta until I finally found one that I can confidently recommend. My Italian step-mother had bravely prepared dinner for me one night and when I took my first bite all the colour drained from my face and I was filled with fear. Thinking she might have made a mistake, I politely asked if she had remembered to make rice pasta for me and even went so far as to check the bag myself just to be sure. The flavour and al dente texture of this pasta had me fooled! Rizopia is the brand. A Canadian company based out of Toronto, Ontario.

My tips and tricks for cooking rice pasta:

1. Use a large pot with more water than usual as the water becomes very starchy which will make the pasta stick together if there isn’t enough water in the pot.

2. Don’t overcook! I always check my pasta well before the package’s recommendations and remove it when the texture still feels slightly undercooked. It will continue to cook slightly when you drain and rinse it so I find that if it’s the perfect texture when you drain it, it quickly becomes overcooked by the time you serve it.

3. Rinse well with cool water and serve immediately.

This is more of a non-recipe because it’s so easy. The amounts below are estimates, feel free to use them as a guideline.


454g bag of brown rice pasta (we used spinach brown rice pasta tonight)
3 cloves of garlic
10-12 sun dried tomatoes packed in olive oil
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2 large handfuls of arugula
1/2 cup red or white wine
16 raw prawns or shrimp (chicken would be good too)
salt and ground black pepper to taste


Put a pot of water on to boil while you start making the sauce. Cook pasta until al dente.

Combine the sun dried tomatoes, garlic and 1 tbsp olive oil in a food processor or a blender and process until it forms a paste. In a large pan heat the remaining 1 tbsp olive oil over medium heat and saute the shrimp until they just start turning pink. Season lightly with salt and pepper. Add the tomato/garlic mixture and wine. Stir to combine and let simmer for about 2 minutes. Stir in the arugula. Add the drained and rinsed pasta to the pan and mix thoroughly so the sauce coats the pasta. Transfer to bowls and enjoy!

Serves 4 or provides yummy leftovers for lunch!

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  1. This sounds so delicious! My step daughter can’t eat wheat, so I’ll have to recommend that brand of rice pasta to her.

    Thanks so much for stopping by Notes From the Cookie Jar and participating in Food Revolution Fridays!

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